Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Sept. 23, 2008

Hannah was still asleep after Caleb got up from his nap so we decided we needed to do something together, just the two of us. And since my mom came over this morning and put our house in order and went to the Grocery Store for me I really didn't have anything, as far as laundry and chores to do, so baking was the order of the afternoon.
Caleb loves to bake. He asks me to lift him up on the counter and says, "Make, Make." Which means: he wants to use the stand up mixer that's on the counter and make something...anything.

Big Brother

Sept. 22, 2008

Caleb wanted to hold Hannah this morning and so I set him up on the couch with the boppy and laid Hannah on his lap. He looked at her and studied her body. He touched her toes and fingers and was very curious about her tiny skin tag on her chest. He didn't like it on her and kept trying to brush it away. He thought it was fuzz or food, definitely not something that belongs on her chest.
Whenever he sees her he says, "Hi, my baby Hannah" in his highest sweetest voice.

Happy Birthday Sara

Sept. 21, 2008

Today is Sara's 25th B-Day. She said her one birthday wish was to take a picture with both babies. Grandma Connie decided this was also her birthday wish (even though her birthday is in June).
Sara didn't know until after she opened her birthday presents that she newly realized another birthday wish... cooking and baking supplies. Sara loves to bake in fact she made her own birthday cake. Isn't it beautiful?

Caleb couldn't miss the Fair

Sept. 20, 2008

Cory and Caleb have had a lot of bonding time together since Tuesday. They have spent every waking moment together playing and laughing. I think they're both in heaven. Well today was no different. I didn't fell up to going to the fair so I sent Cory and Caleb to enjoy it for all of us. They met up with The Moreno's and Grandma and Grandpa.
Cory said that Caleb walked right up the this cow and just looked at it and listened to it "MOO." Then he found a box and forgot about the fair altogether. You know, boxes are cool.
Then it was time for Dad to fulfill the promise made to his little boy, "You can get on one ride." Caleb wanted the Ferris wheel really bad, but he was too short. Heartbreak. Then his spirits were lifted when he saw the CARS ride. And he really wanted to ride that. So Daddy picked him up and headed for the back of the line. But he never found it. He looked and looked but it went on for miles to the Sierra Mountains even, so Dad said, "Caleb we have to find another ride." Devastation. Last hope was the train ride. Success! Daddy had 3 tickets. The train ride was 3 tickets. Caleb was the right size and the line was long but not too long. Hooray all is right in the world.

Later on that night..

Sept. 19th ...

We then went to Nono and Nini's to hang out and show Hillari and Nono Hannah since they hadn't had a chance to see her yet.
Caleb is really sweet to Hannah. he wants to love on her and touch her face even though we tell him, "Caleb, not her face," like twenty times.
Even later, Connie and Sara came over to meet her too. Sara came from St. George to 1) See the babies and 2) Have a cinnamon roll at the fair and 3) Celebrate her birthday at home.


Sept. 19, 2008

We actually got home last night but didn't take pictures until today. When we arrived we found what my mom had done. She put up pink balloons and streamers in the dining room and other balloons in our bedroom with sweet things written on them. My mom is awesome.
When Hillari and I would wake up on our birthday morning we would find something similiar leading from our bedroom door to the kitchen where she made us a special breakfast no matter if our birthday was on Monday or a Saturday. We always felt so special and loved.

Hannah Noelle Randall

Sept. 17, 2008

Our daughter was born today at 11:16am. She weighed 9lbs. 12oz. and was 21 inches in length.

Before we were admitted to the labor and delivery room we had to call the nurses desk from outside the L & D lobby and be buzzed in.
This is Cory writting down a list of names since we were still undecided. We narrowed it down to 6. Whitney, Mckay, Eden, Hannah, Leah, and Afton.
After we saw her we both felt that the best name that suited her was Hannah since she was so sweet and quiet.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

She has arrived!

I am at my Mom's and I can't download any pictures using our cameras but I thought I would at least tell ya'll about our little girl.

Monday nothing. Tuesday Nothing. Then...We got a call from the hospital Weds. morning at 4:30am saying a bed was available. We left and about 4 minutes away (20 minutes after we got the call - 4:50am) we got another call from the same nurse saying someone came in already in labor and they had to give her the bed. So we turned around, went home, slept and Cory decided he would go to work and meet us at the hospital when we got "the call"...again.

That call came at 11 am and my Mom and I met Cory at San Joaquin Hospial determined to get a room at the Inn. And we did. It took a while to get the IV in and anyone who knows me knows that I am very nervous when it comes to needles. After the 7th try the IV was in. I got the pit. at 2:40pm. Dr. Walker broke my water at 6:15pm and Hannah Noelle was born at 11:16pm. She weighed 9lbs. 120z. and is 21 inches long. She is very calm and beautiful. I hope to have pictures on here tommorow.

Thanks for everything. I am so lucky to have such good friends.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The waiting begins...

Sept. 16, 2008

Last night at 11:30pm we were woken up by the telephone. My first thought, "Oh no, it's my parents. Something's wrong with Caleb." Instead it was the hospital. They are packed with women giving birth and instead of coming in at 6am they want us to call at 5:30 instead. So we did and the hospital was still crowded. call back at 7:45. So we did. Still packed. Now we are to call at 11. We didn't want to just wait at home so we put everything int he car and headed over to my Mom and Dad's to be with Caleb a little longer and m,hopefully make the time go faster and be more enjoyable. My Dad took the day off to help with Caleb and of course so did Cory. I hope it wasn't in vain.

Thoughts: I am nervous despite the fact that this isn't my first time. I wonder if maybe being naive the first time made it a better experience because I really didn't know what to expect. I know now basically what is in store and I worry that I will not rise to the challenge. Not that I won't have the baby, because she is coming either way right. But that I won't be a lady and in control. It sounds silly, but this is what I desire 2nd to having a Healthy baby that will come home with us and stay.

Just the Three of us

Sept. 15, 2008

Today I had my last Dr. appointment before tha baby comes and the baby is coming tommorow! Dr. Walker wants me to go in at 6am to be induced at San Jaoquin hosptial. I was born at Memorial and so was Caleb. I really wanted our second to be born at Memorial too but after a recommendation from Dr. Walker to reconsider and a personal experience from our friend who recently gave birth there we changed our minds. Our friend didn't say memorial was bad just that because of the construction the rooms were very small and hers did not include a chair for her husband to sit it.
Caleb will stay the night at Nono and Nini's and we will head to the hospital to have "blank." Yes that's right we still don't have a name.
By the way the results are back from the halter... my heart is fine. I have a mild condition that has just been exacerbated by the pregnancy. "Whew."

Caleb's favorite things

Sept. 4, 2008

Caleb loves trucks and cars more than any little boy I know, (I also accept that I don't very many other boys than Caleb). One thing that I find very interesting about Caleb is that he is very particular about how he arranges his cars and trucks. He has literally spent an hour setting them up in just the way he wants them - facing forward, nose touching bumper and at times even by size. Such an organized little boy... I wonder where he gets that from?

Still growing...

Sept. 3, 2008

Today I am 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and I don't think our little girl is done growing. I get a lot of attention from people as I'm sure you can imagine. But lately onlookers have become more brazen in their astonishment of my belly size. Instead of just staring they ask, "Are you having twins?" When I say no. They ask if I'm sure. Also some even make loud gasping sounds. I just laugh. There's nothing I can do about it and well, yes I am big. I'm already bigger with this one than I was on the day I had Caleb, (I measured for record sake).
By the way the picture in the background is one that Cory gave to me when we were dating. It is by Gustav Klimt and is called "the kiss." I love art and I especially love this picture. We have it hanging in our bedroom.

Aug. 30, 2008

This pregnancy has been a little different than with Caleb. A few pluses are I haven't gained as much weight and I never really got sick (hooray). A downer is I noticed, especially as I got bigger, I had more and more trouble breathing and my heart seemed like it was working harder than it should be. Also my blood pressure kept dropping at every appointment. My Dr. recommended that I see a cardiologist. I did and Dr. Sam Sighn (the cardiologist) recommended that I have an ultrasound of my heart and also wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. This morning at 10 am the halter was taken off with help from Caleb.
Now we just wait for the results...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dual Babyshower

Aug. 28, 2008

Tonight Alison and I had our baby showers. It was so much fun. I am glad that so many of our friends could come and with them they brought all of the reasons why we love them so much. It was a great girls night.

making Ice cream at Grandma's

Aug. 26, 2008

Tonight is the Monica Ward R.S. Swim (or not) Enrichment. Connie was in charge of bringing the homemade ice cream. Caleb and Patrick thought the ice cream machine was really cool. They loved watching it go around and around and even tried the salt. But they decided "salt" wasn't all that good and went back to watching it spin and touching the ice.

A new calling

Aug. 23, 2008

It's official. Cory has a new calling. He is in the Monica Ward Bishopric. We went in to see President Russell last Sunday he reminded us that we had a similiar meeting with him right around the birth of Caleb asking Cory to be the EQP. Now with "blank" (we don't have a name yet) about to be born Cory was asked accept this new calling. We told President Russell that we would really think twice about having another baby now that we know with a new baby comes a new calling.


Aug. 19, 2008

Nini came over this morning and gave Caleb a haircut. She is very meticulous so needless to say she did another fantastic job. She just believes that nothing is worth doing unless you do it the best you can. And that is basically how she lives her life.

The morning at a Park

Aug. 11, 2008

This morning we drove to a really nice park and let the boys play, I mean all the boys. After Jesus and Cory played with the toddlers on the swings and slides the older boys played football. Caleb and Patrick ran around with each other and eventually followed the football as it passed from Ben to Cory to Jesus. After football we ate sandwiches on a blanket.
The best part of the park experience was when Connie told us she had a "game." The game was a relay race involving plastic spoons and a cotton ball. After the adults' race was over Caleb and Patrick had their own.

The Pregnant Girls made it!

Alison was such a trooper and she made it really easy for me to make it to Devil's Post pile because we were walking buddies. We encouraged each other and also did a little crying together. It was great.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mammoth Mountain

Aug. 12, 2008

This morning we went to Mammoth Mountain to show the family Devils' Post Pile. This was one of the things we did on our honeymoon and it turned out being our favorite hike. The best part for Caleb though was the bus ride. He felt like such a big boy in his own seat and loved looking out of the window. Alison didn't like it as much because she ended up feeling car sick.
After the bus ride the hike began. It was a relatively easy hike but for us pregnant gals it was a little harder. But slow and steady got us to our destination.

Bridal Veil Falls

After the rest of us were comfortable back at the condo, Cory, Sara and Connie headed back to the mountain for some more hiking. When Cory and I were on our honeymoon we walked to Bridal Veil Falls but didn't go down to the base because it was really late. I was looking forward to seeing it this time but decided it would be smarter for me (as a 3rd trimester pregnant mom) to sit this hike out.
On the hike Cory, Connie and Sara saw "Bambi" as Caleb would say and of course the fall. They all agreed that it was beautiful. The sun hit the water just right and made a beautiful rainbow.