Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Oops, I almost forgot Halloween

October 31st
Happy Halloween! Caleb was a Dalmation Puppy, I Cruela DeVil and Cory a disco dancing man. He borrowed the green leisure suit from my Uncle Bill and it wouldn't have been a bigger hit (well maybe if he had white shoes on instead of brown) . Patrick was the cutest Pirate you ever did see and Uncle Jesus' was sick that day and decided he would just go with it and a be "sick guy" for Halloween.

Cory's B-Day

November 5
Cory's birthday! I picked him up after work and we went to dinner at La Cabana (on White lane and Ashe) , Yummy. We had a really nice date just the two of us and the best part was Cory had no idea where we were going. In fact he thought I was lost when I got on the 99 South and didn't get on the 58 East to go home. I am really not good at finding new places or even which route to take to get to a place I've been 10 times before... but that's another story.
Anyway, we had a great, delicious dinner and talked and laughed. I told him that Caleb had said a new word on his birthday. "Vacuum" Of course!

November 3
Saturday was busy and fun. Cory pushed Caleb in the swing until he got tired then I pushed him until I was tired and wanted to move on and then Hill pushed him until finally we said "All Done." Caleb loves the swing but what he loves even more is going high in the swing. As soon as the swing starts to slow down and he doesn't feel the sensation in his little tummy he signs "more. more." And we push him as high as we can.

November 2nd
Went over to my parents house for the day and had a great time. After Caleb got up from his nap Hillari (my 15 yr. old georgous sister) and I took Caleb outside to play in the front yard. And we did for about 10 minutes. He then started to venture off and I was really curious to see how far he would go. So Hill and I went on the adventure with him following a little way behind so he would have some freedom on this very quiet street. He walked all the way to the last house on the street and then began to play in their yard. The owner came outside with her granddaughter and we all watched confident Caleb play while we talked and laughed.

Family Home Evening

October 29th
We invited a few of our good friends over and their families for a FHE at Grandma Connies'. We were happily suprised that everyone who said they could come came. The weather was really crazy that night. George Lindsey Young (local weather man) interrrupted Ellen to tell us that a severe storm was heading to Bakersfield and we should be very careful to stay away from windows and expect sky to ground lightening and thunder storms. Everyone arrived safely and we all had a good time. Cory prepared a "mini" lesson about Jesus being our example in all things (I think the kids wrote down their testimonies later that night in their journals) and then we decorated cupcakes with green and orange frosting, sprinkles and candy corn (all the healthy stuff).

Thanks for coming everyone!

The best part for Caleb was the slide. Every time he went down the slide and reached the bottom he hurried off and climbed the ladder to do it again, and again, and again.

Stake Day at Heart Park

October 27th was a Stake activity. It was a lot of fun. Caleb especially loved the freedom of running around (not without his balloon of course). Lucy Galyan and Lucy Nichols stopped to admire it. It was a real crowd pleaser.

The main activity was the relay. Not too many of our youth showed up for the events so Cory filled in for a priest and I for a beehive. Cory had to eat an entire piece of pizza and drink a can of soda before I could braid and tie a ribbon at the bottom of yarn then run it to the next group. It was fun and everyone was really excited watching or participating in the relay.

After the relay came the food and then play. Cory and Caleb had a blast together in the wheelbarrow - it's the simple things.