Tuesday, April 9, 2013

 Hannah and my Mom get the house ready for Easter while Caleb draws in the backyard.
 Peacocks in the barn
 Three females and One male
 Caleb and Hannah ran the water hose down the dirt driveway and played in the mud for an hour.
 It ended when Hannah got a little mud in her face

A little cleaner and just before the shower, but still not quite happy
 The shower is over and all is well
 Spring time across the street
 The beginning of the end. 
 Afton is now eating baby cereal. 
 This is a neighbors dog that loves to come and play at our house during the day while his "kids" are at school.  This dog is perfect for Caleb and Hannah.  I know that Hannah could never hurt the dog and I also know that Caleb could never tire him out.
I walked outside and saw this snapped a picture and asked him why he wasn't wearing any pants.  He said he simply, "Tarzan doesn't wear any pants."
 Cory called us all in the backyard to check out a snake he had found.  Hannah wore a bike helmet for protection.
 Upon closer inspection, Cory realized it was a rattle snake...
 A baby rattlesnake (which means more deadly)
 So we killed it.  It was sad because it moved for a long time after it was technically "dead." After it stopped moving we decided to see what the big bulge was in his belly.  It was a lizard.  Cory said that he would not kill another snake if he didn't have to.  Instead he would give it to a guy we know in the ward.
 Afton's first game:  Candyland. 
 Dying eggs Easter morning
 Luke helping us find Easter eggs in the morning
 Easter Egg confetti fight
 We have chickens.  We've had them for 3 weeks and so far only one accidental loss.  We have 5 now.  Here are Bumble bee and Spotty.
 A drawing of mine and Hannah together.  She asked me to draw Mermaids (me and Cory) and then to write what we were talking about.
 More cereal
 General Conference note taking
 General Conference art
 General Conference napping
 The Randall girls went over to see my parents.  Afton just loved my Dad!
 and the dirt... well not as much