Friday, May 24, 2013

Huntington Beach, the Park and D-Land

 Huntington Beach was really windy but we didn't mind... we were at the BEACH!
 Caleb enjoying boogie boarding and the kids in the warmer (than Ventura) water
 We always make a sandcastle when we visit the beach.  And it all starts with a moat.
 The kids were happy and tired - the perfect combo
 People love Afton.  Wherever we go she draws people in with her sweet spirit.  This little girl followed us around at the park (near Uncle Ben's house in Huntington).  Then her grandmother asked if she could hold Afton.  The Grandmother only spoke Spanish so Cory translated for me and answered her questions about our baby.  The Grandmother was very sweet and Afton (although it doesn't look like it in this picture) was happy to be in her arms.
 The D-land train
 We've been to Disneyland a lot but never into Toon town. For this trip we started here.

 Hannah was big enough for Splash mountain...she rode it but said next time she would get off the ride before she got to the "big part."
 Sweet Afton with her sweet Daddy
 Another Family tradition: One last picture

 This is classic Calvin and Hobbs:  I count to 3 while Caleb holds a handsome smile, then just before the camera clicks I get this face.  I laughed and laughed... who cares?
 Alison, Janae and Sara: I wish you could hold her
 Caleb waited all day to buy something (with is own money) at the Lego store.  One noteworthy  thing about this boy: He can wait.
 One more hotel bath

Oh the fun they've had

 I looked behind me and both the girls had fallen asleep...Ahhh
 Growing up Cory loved reading the Calvin and Hobbs comics.  He collected several books over the years and has now passed them onto Caleb. Caleb is old enough to "get" them and laughs at Calvin's crazy schemes and humor.

 My parents brought Hillari up to our place so we could visit with her during her very short trip from S.F. state University,  We had a picnic, fished, and changed the oil on the corolla.  I know... don't you want to come?  I'm sure we could think of something to do.

 Sister Lane (in our ward) invited us over for a swim.  Now you might be thinking... Early May?  Swimming?  Well, considering the two oldest Randall kids have been in and out of a pool since March, May is no big deal.  But why on earth did I join them?  Sister Lane keeps her pool covered during the day so it warms up faster.   75 degrees feels a little cool but not too cool.
 We have a family of skunks living in our backyard, a mama and her 6 babies (only 5 a pictured)  We went back inside after they hid themselves in the giant cactus that serves as their den and read that Skunks typically only have 2 or 3 babies.  So either we have witnessed an oddity in Skunk offspring or maybe adoption?
 We had a fire really close to our place.  No one was hurt that we have heard and no damage to property but it was very close to several homes.

 Hannah fed Afton for me one day and I was witness to how sweet, tender and attentive she is.  Hannah gently wiped her mouth after every bite and gave her a sips of water when she thought Afton was thirsty. 
These children are growing up so very fast.  Am I teaching them enough so they won't stray?  Will I have them in the eternities?  The more I read about parenting the more I realize I don't know. Their learning spirits depend upon my testimony and example to teach them.  Heavenly Father lives and he is watching me and expects me to do my best.  I also believe that he wants to me to succeed and has made available everything I need to do so: prayer, scriptures, the Holy Ghost, my husband, and advice from wonderful friends.