Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All you need is Love (and a heart pillow)

 I saw this cute heart pillow on Pinterest and it said, "Make Me." So I did.
I have never painted my toes white before.  I usually pick a shade of pink or orange.  But today I am breaking out of the norm and going with white.  Can I get a woot woot?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

 It was 60 degrees outside this week and we had to get out in it.   
It was nice to feel the sun on our faces and enjoy the warmer weather.  
We are so lucky to live in Cali!
 Every body helping to keep the house clean and tidy.
 Batman and Tinkerbelle took a walk together and fought a few bad guys.
Tinkerbelle eventually became distracted...
 This little cat is so lucky.  
Several months ago we heard a small baby animal crying out.  We thought it was a baby fox since we'd seen a Mama fox running around and assumed the baby was crying for her return.  After two days the kids and I decided to go out and discover what was making the noise.   We followed the sound and discovered a kitten under an Oak tree across the street.  We tried to coax him out from under the tree but nothing worked.  It wasn't until we walked away that he came out and followed us back to the house.  We fed him milk and canned chicken.  I told Caleb that Heavenly Father sent this little kitty to him because he knew that Caleb would love to have him.  I asked Caleb if he would like to keep it and take care of it.  Caleb said, "Yes!" and named him Oreo.  
Oreo has been his little buddy ever since. 

 Afton's first trip to the Temple. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

 While Caleb was in Tae-Kwon Do, Afton slept in the van and Hannah and I looked at old pictures on the camera.  It was amazing to see how many happy things we've done and forgotten.  The pictures reminded us of dress-up days, cardboard box creations, hiking, silliness, and how fast a child's face can change in a year.  When Hannah was a new baby it seemed like she would grow overnight and in the morning after she woke up she would be longer in my arms.  Looking back at those pictures made me feel like the time the pictures captured went almost as fast.  Oh where does the time go?  So, feeling nostalgic, I took a picture of her.  She loves to be silly and fun in front of a camera and immediately began wiggling.  The result?  This blurry picture!  Hannah couldn't stop laughing when she saw it...

We went to a High School soccer game. 
 It was really cold. 
 We invited two boys to join us for Pizza and a movie night.  

 Hannah got the flu:  high fever, chills, (or what she called "chivers")  and an achy body for 3 days.   She is super glad that's over.
 Caleb is learning how to jump rope. 

 Caleb and I took a walk together in the empty pasture by our house.  He ran and ran and looked free and happy! 
After running; then jumping off rocks.
And after jumping off rocks Caleb and I talked and ate the oranges we picked off of the trees.  I asked him if Heavenly Father had a plan for him.  He said "Yes, to die and come back to him."  I asked if Heavenly Father had a plan for him in between being born and returning to Him.  He said, "Yea."  then very matter-of-fact "To be happy."  He does want Caleb to be happy.  He wants all of us to be happy.  I love Caleb.  He is a sweet boy and I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for him.  He knows his potential and what lessons he must learn to be what he can become.  I tell Caleb and Hannah that Jesus is in heaven watching and cheering them on.  So don't give up.  We can do hard things!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

 What a beautiful day Heavenly Father gave us!  The sky was crisp blue and the clouds were 10 different shades of white, grey, and yellow.  We just had to get out there and enjoy it.
 The neighbors across the street now have two new donkeys.  The kids thought they looked funny and every so often they looked at them and laughed.
 We walked through the olive orchard to the line of orange trees by the side of the road and picked a few tangerines and navels.   Then Hannah had a great idea: to eat one!  She peeled it by herself and then ate every delicious and juicy bite.  I watched her and thought about how Heavenly Father provides for everything we need... even a little extra vitamin C during the winter season.  

 To say that Caleb loves the Titanic would only scratch the surface.  For Christmas he got a model of the ship and when he isn't drawing pictures of it, reading the same two books we've checked out from the library again and again he is looking at the instructions for the model or like today painting the pieces.
 Oh sweet Afton.  She loves the FAN!  I got down on the ground with her today and looked up at the fan trying unlock its magic but couldn't.  Instead I took a picture and decided I'd ask her about it later.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bright and warm and wonderful

 My two favorite gifts from Christmas were a book and a new camera.  The book came from our favorite Texans It is Heaven is Here... by Stephanie Nielson.  I loved this book.  I read it whenever I could and was happy and sad as I read the last line of the book and closed it. Check out her blog:  You will not believe this woman!   She is ... honestly there are no words.  Throughout this book I kept thinking, "I want my mind and thoughts to be like hers: ever fixed on the Gospel and her [but for me 'my'] family."  There seems to be nothing more important to her than those two things.  Her trials are like the barren Mulberry tree in the picture above.  To one it may seem bleak and hopeless but under closer inspection the fallen leaves reveal the sun and the promise of Winter's end and Spring's arrival.  Through her book and blog she shares her faith and hope, One then see past her scars and into her deep emerald green eyes filled with the love and trust she has for Jesus Christ. 
We spent the night at Grandma Connie's on Friday for our weekly Pizza and a Movie night with her.  In the morning I caught the kids playing together and snapped a few pics with an awesome new camera.  I am not a great photographer but I can learn.
Our family motto is "We Can Do Hard Things!"  and through practice I hope to be better and better at photography.  I see so many great photos out there in blog land!  Keep sharing your talents.

Friday, January 4, 2013

This is Afton... and she is here!  We have waited and waited for her to come.  But now the wait and disappointment is over.  She brings a sweet, heavenly spirit with her into our home and I always want our home to feel like heaven.  

Afton was born Nov. 7th and weighed 8 lbs. 11oz.  After we brought her home she did not have a middle name.  Cory asked the kids what they suggested and Caleb immediately replied "Beth, like Bethlehem."  From then on she was Afton Beth Randall and now we also have a sweet story to go along with her name.

I hope this post finds you all well.  We are happy and loving having a little piece of Heaven in our home.