Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cracking up

July 5, 2008

Today we spent most of time laughing. Michelle and I can talk about anything and never get bored. Donny and Cory kept us laughing. They did a High School soccer pose, and told stories. The nice thing about Donny is that he can be funny and also serious when he needs too, it's a good balance. Michelle and I unloaded boxes and put the kitchen together and then we all went out to eat at the resturaunt Donny worked at after his mission. It was also the place they went to on one of their first dates.

Moving time

July 4th, 2008
The Crawford's were in the process of moving when we arrived but we knew this would be the case when we made our trip plans. So we helped. We went back to their old place and packed up the last of the kitchen. Donny was making boxes when I discovered the plastic bags he had meticulously folded together and tied with a bow. I laughed out loud when I saw them. Donny is such a quirky guy, I just love that about him. I imagined him sitting on the couch folding each one and wondered if it gave him a sense of order and peace.

I was the official camera taker while the packing took place. I asked Michelle to pose and she did only Donny didn't know what kind of pose until he caught a glimpse of the baking pan. I took the picture just as he realized a baking pan would come crashing down on his head...Michelle had had enough!

Monica Ward Pancake Breakfast

July 3rd, 2008
This morning we leave for San Jose to spend 4th of July with our good friends Donny and Michelle Crawford. But before we do we have to eat breakfast right? and we might as well eat at the Monica ward Pancake Breakfast!

After our tummy's were full (except for Caleb's he's not really into "eating" right now) Cory pulled Caleb in a wagon a few times. As soon as the other kids saw what was going on, Cory became the official Monica ward wagon puller. He ran up and down so many times I lost count. At least he got his exercise in for the day, right?

Bye-Bye Baby Bedding

June 29th, 2008
I decided to take down Caleb's nursery bedding today. But I didn't want to do so until I had taken a few pictures of it for memory sake. My mom bought it for him two weeks before he was born. Thanks Mom!

Shaving the Beardlings

June 27th

After Cory came home the boys took a shower together and as Daddy shaved his face Caleb wanted to do the same. He rubbed the foam all over his cheeks and neck and then washed it off. He kept his mouth closed (luckily) so we let him put the shaving cream on his face and then rinse it off again and again. I could tell he felt like he was a very BIG boy.

So we don't forget

June 27th 2008

Cory met an inactive family this year that really touched him, Terry and Linda Collins. They were a sweet family that had lost touch with the things that were really important and as they face real hardships they looked for answers. Cory helped them move today. They were moving to a place where Linda's brother would be closer to the hospital that would perform the kidney transplant he desperately needed should one become available. Also in the last month they lived in Bakersfield Linda's husband suffered two strokes making him unable to see and work. Coincidently the hospital that Linda's brother would be near also had the technology Terry needed to get the physical therapy he now needed. Because of our experiences with them our testimony of Tithing grew.

Happy Birthday Dear Connie

June 23, 2008

Connie and I drove to Woody's for lunch with the Randall men to celebrate Connie's 29th birthday. Jerry surprised Connie with a pair of beautiful diamond earrings. We stayed a little long but Cory wasn't too worried... Jerry's his boss!

Take me out to the Ball Game

June 21, 2008

We drove to Dodger Stadium today for an early afternoon game. I know what you're thinking: Must have been nice and cool. Well you are wrong. It was 103! In LA! This is the 3rd annual CBIZ Dodger game. Cory is in charge of this every year, and he loves it. Do you see all those empty seats? That's because it was too HOT to sit in the sun for very long. Eventually Cory and Caleb came up under the shade with the rest of us, but I know my husband (who bleeds Dodger blue) would have loved to stay down on the field. Did I mention we had great seats? Well we had great seats!

Under the shade we began the cooling process eventually Caleb's shirt came off and we used a friends mister to keep him cool and wet. He really liked getting wet from the mister, can't you tell? p.s. I'm th kind of Mom that is very concerned with temperature. The heat affects me terribly and this makes me extra fussy about Caleb's temp. I am always giving him something to drink, keeping him in the shade and getting him wet with a rag or spray bottle. When ever I see kids with red flushed cheeks and not drinking anything I get worried. I always think, "They are going to get sick."
Anyway, Cory and I shared a Dodger dog (but he went a little crazy with the mustard ) and the "compliemtary" cups of ice water. We stayed almost until the end and then drove home talking.