Friday, October 30, 2009

Later on...

Mr. 26, continued...

After Amanda and her kids, left Caleb went outside with Grandma and helped her pull some weeds. He also found a new perspective on things... the upside down perspective.

The Cake

Mar. 26, 2009

Amanda Pitts came over this morning around 11 and showed me how to make a Bob the builder cake for Caleb's birthday tomorrow. I made 3 round cakes but the first one broke so the cake was only 2 layers instead of 3. But Caleb and I didn't mind and we didn't let any of it go to waste either.


Mar. 21, 2009

Grandma taught Caleb how to pop bubble wrap this morning. Caleb did his best to pop it using his thumb but it was tedious work. Grandma then showed Caleb the punching technique which was more fun. But the one that seemed to be the most fun was the jumping up and down technique. Caleb laughed every time the bubble wrap popped beneath his feet. Which technique did Caleb enjoy the most? You guessed it... the first one. Oh, that's not what you guessed? Caleb is like Cory he finds a lot of satisfaction in tedious and meticulous work. For example, Cory loves to pick up a sweater that is covered in little tiny fuzzy balls and pick off every single one of them. After he picks them off he puts them into a neat triangular pile and then throws them away, completely satisfied that he has made that sweater fuzzy ball-less.
Hannah's name could be JOY because this is the face she wears 90% of the time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Then there were 3

Mar. 11, 2009

This morning Caleb took his bike for a ride around the block and then decided the perfect spot to park his bike was not in the back yard in it's usual spot but next to Papa's bikes. Ahhh. A man and his bike, it's a beautiful thing.

Did I mention?

Mar. 7, 2009

Did I mention Caleb loves trains? Well he does. Whenever we go to Grandma's house he says a quick, "hello," and then heads straight to the train set (which is always set up in the Grandma's music room) before she can respond. He can play with these trains for an hour. And then when it's time to go he asks her if he can bring one or two of the trains home. Grandma always says ,"yes."

Another evening together

Feb. 8, 2009

Alison and I switched slings for about 2 minutes. We quickly realized that the slings were definitely a "custom" fit. Elena and Hannah like to play together. Mostly they try to poke each other in the face and eyes. The boys on the other hand enjoy wrestling and watching movies instead.

Look who's Baking

Feb. 7, 2009

Whenever Sara is in a baking mood she always makes something delicious and pretty. Perfect example are these pre-Valentine's Day cookies. And Yes, they were as good as they look.

A full day

Feb. 6, 2009

Caleb, Hannah and I went to Jump It Up this morning. Caleb had been there before when CBIZ had a family day with all the employees, spouses and kids. This was Hannah's first time and was happy to watch Caleb and the other children go up and down the slides and run around. But she doesn't seem to happy in the picture does she? After Jump It Up we surprised Daddy at work. Caleb made a few important conference calls, did some filing and typed a memo. What day is complete with out a bath? The kids like to take a bath together. Especially Caleb. He likes to make Hannah laugh. He will do just about anything to get a laugh.

Chineese New Yea

Jan. 26, 2009

A few days ago Sara suggested that we celebrate Chinese New Year this year. Since the celebration involved delicious Chinese food we all agreed. The only food the boys wanted to eat was the red velvet cake (can you blame them?). Connie came up with the kids activity: A paper bag dragon. Both Caleb and Patrick enjoyed the evening and so did the rest of us.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chore chart success

Jan. 24, 2009

Tonight Caleb enjoyed a Cookies n' Cream ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins because he completed his chore chart. At first getting Caleb to do simple tasks was like pulling teeth but now he almost always does it with out being asked and the things that were such a battle are now not a big deal. Chore Chart Success!

Seeking Sanity on a Sunday

Jan. 18, 2009

Caleb just seemed a little wired today, so we took a short drive to the open fields by our house and let him run a little. Cory, Hannah and I stayed together and enjoyed the setting sun and the beauty around us. We could hear Caleb laughing and could watch him (from a distance) exploring.

Aloha Suit

Jan. 9, 2009

Aunt Sara gave Hannah this cute Aloha bathing suit. Even though the tag said 6-9mos it looked like it might fit. Lo and behold... it did.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Year's Eve Dinner

Jerry invited all of the grown kids to dinner at the Petroleum Club. Since the girls are basically attached to their Mother's they were allowed to come, however Caleb and Patrick stayed at home with a babysitter. It was lovely to not have to worry about the boys or keep them from swinging from the light fixtures or curtains. I borrowed an outfit from Sara and she and I shared a Heavenly chocolate dessert.

Laying together

Dec 31, 2008

Another year at a close and the children keep growing. Caleb and Hannah laid on the living room floor this morning and enjoyed Sesame Street together.

Christmas Day at the Marchesini's

Dec. 25, 2008

We spent Christmas day at my parents. Cory loved the black and white pictures my Mom took of me and the kids and my loved the personalized calender of the kids.

Christmas Morning at the Randalls

Dec. 24th 2008

We spent Christmas morning with the Randall's which was so great because every one was there, even Ben and Janae. "Grandpa" got a train station for Christmas this year and Caleb couldn't have been happier. G and G set it up together and Caleb just clapped his hands and screamed every 4 minutes in anticipation of the finish product.

Last day of School

Dec 15, 2008

Caleb had an exciting last day of school today. Santa Claus came for a short visit, which totally scared him. You can see him finding comfort in the lap of Sister Ricks. She and I were able to convince him to to kiss Hannah while Santa was holding her but if you look at his eyes you can see he never takes them off of Santa.

Let's meet at Target

Dec 15, 2008

We didn't plan it but we all ended up at Target at he same time, the same day. Both Alison and I bought the boys popcorn and were trying to keep the boys and girls happy AND get what we needed... at the same time.