Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Captain Jack and A Princess

It wasn't just Halloween day for us this year it was Halloween week! First we went to a school party at Citrus South.
Then spent the night at my parent's house and had tghe kids dress up in their costumes to trick or treat at Nono and Nini's early since they would miss it on Monday. My Mom pulled Caleb into the bathroom and gave him his first beard.

On Halloween night we went to the church and had a carnival/trunk or treat. It was so simple and good. It was more about the kids than the lavish decorations. After all what are the kids really going to remember? The decorations? or the happy feeling they had?

Mickey Mouse is okay but...

Nov. 8, 2011

...not these guys. This is a disgusting story so if you don't like mice then turn away.

We had mice playing and having a picnic on Hannah's and Caleb's car seats in our car. They chewed up part of the trunk and even the fabric on the floor of the car. There was poop inside the car and the trunk and we tried again and again to catch those little turkey's every night. And every morning when we woke up the traps were empty. Well not two mornings ago! We caught three! Caleb cried when we threw them in the trash and Hannah accepted the sentence very well, (i think she wanted justice for her holey chair. - the saddest part about her chair is that she screamed and sobbed when we put her in it the first time. She was scared that the mouse was still in her chair and that it was going to bite her just like it had bitten her chair.- )

We are setting traps every night. We have now included the snap traps (all sympathy for the mice has flown out the window) but those mice are finding away to lick the traps clean and not set them off. How are they doing that?

The one positive note is that they are out of are car. Probably because they are now too fat to climb up inside it.

Veteran's Day Parade

Nov. 11, 2011

At my eye appt/ earlier this week, (where I, Stephanie Summer Randall picked out a pair of eyeglasses in 10 minutes. The same Stephanie Summer Randall that always orders my dinner last and before that I have asked the waitress 3 times to "give me just two more minutes) I asked the receptionist what Porterville does for Veteran's Day. Well it just so happens that I asked the woman who knew everything about the parade, past present and future. She told us it was awesome and we had to go.
We got there at 10am and it was nice. I love going to parades period and I love America. So it was double good. I love reading the signs people have made and to see first hand the sacrifices the sign bearer has made with either the loss of a friend or family member or that someone they know is currently serving our country.
Thank you Veterans!