Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mickey Mouse is okay but...

Nov. 8, 2011

...not these guys. This is a disgusting story so if you don't like mice then turn away.

We had mice playing and having a picnic on Hannah's and Caleb's car seats in our car. They chewed up part of the trunk and even the fabric on the floor of the car. There was poop inside the car and the trunk and we tried again and again to catch those little turkey's every night. And every morning when we woke up the traps were empty. Well not two mornings ago! We caught three! Caleb cried when we threw them in the trash and Hannah accepted the sentence very well, (i think she wanted justice for her holey chair. - the saddest part about her chair is that she screamed and sobbed when we put her in it the first time. She was scared that the mouse was still in her chair and that it was going to bite her just like it had bitten her chair.- )

We are setting traps every night. We have now included the snap traps (all sympathy for the mice has flown out the window) but those mice are finding away to lick the traps clean and not set them off. How are they doing that?

The one positive note is that they are out of are car. Probably because they are now too fat to climb up inside it.