Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Presents Continue

Alison gave me her Mac and I gave her a big ol hug. My own fancy! Cory and I got a gift card to eat out and the Moreno's pose for a cute pic. Grandma sits with her babies in th ematching sleepers she bought for them for Christmas.

Later on ...Randall Christmas Morning

After we left my parents house we went to the Randalls for Christmas morning Randall style. It was a lo tof fun. Connie got a calender with pictures of Patrick and Caleb (made by the Moreno's), Sara got a set of Cetaphil lotions - suprisingly enough she was really excited, Alison got Scene-It Disney and we played it right after we finished with the presents. Jesus had a popcorn themed Christmas. Every gift he received had something to do with popcorn! Jerry recieved the traditional Chocolate covered cherries, which we devoured all 2 boxes in less than 10 minutes, he also got a couple posters. Each poster had something to do with their kids. Since Cory went to Spain on his mission Connie bought the one you see above. Cory served in the city San Sebastian and that is what is written on the bottom of the poster. There was one of a French Horn which represents the very talented Ben. Sara will most likely be represented by a French poster and Alison a Flute.

Marchesini Family Picture

After the Presents were opened and Caleb had played with the wrapping paper and the dog we all sat in front of the Christmas tree and took pictures. The first is our family and the others are (Left Top Row) Uncle Timm, me, Cory, my Mom (Left Bottom Row) my Dad, Sister Hillari and Caleb.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Decorate the Doggie

My parents Chocolate Lab, Duchess, is such a great dog. She is loving and patient - the perfect dog for kids. As you can see from the video she is so awesome and Caleb is so happy.

Wrappign Paper Fun

Caleb had so much fun with the Wrapping Paper, It was probably his favorite part, if not a close second with Playing with my parents dog.

Wrapping Paper Fun

After the Opening of Presents was over Caleb had so much fun playing with the wrapping paper- Of course!

The Presents

We all got what we wanted. Caleb (being the easiest to buy for ) made out like a bandit. He was really excited to get the "3 balls" - Basketball, soccer and footbal just his size. That is what the is opening up in the first. I got the Transformer movie - the thing I really wanted. Cory got a Broncos blanket (that my mom made) and A Dodger's hat - he was in Heaven.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas morning

We spent Christmas morning with my family and had a wonderful breakfast (prepared by my mom who just happens to be an amazing cook). Cory spent some time with the dog who loved every minute of it. As you can see.