Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let the feast begin

After we sang to Caleb he knew exactly what to do. He ate quite a bit of the cake and loved every bite.

Happy Birthday Caleb

Caleb really liked when we sang Happy Birthday to him, but he seem to be especially interested in blowing out the candle.

A cake pose

Caleb was a little unsure of what to do with all the attention he was getting when we sat his cake in front of him. He looks a little stunned doesn't he?

I'm hungry mom

Caleb must have been pretty hungry before dinner because he pulled a sliced tomato right off of the table and ate it. If you know Caleb then you know he doesn't do tomato's. After he finished this one he went back for another.

The life of the party - an Ode to Alison

Alison is one of the most fun people I know. She has one of the best laughs in the whole world and a great sense of humor. This is her posing for a silly picture while making a delicious fruit salad. If you don't know her, you're missing out.

Birthday Cake Magic

March 22, 2008

So, I made a confetti cake but realized I didn't know how to make the cake turn into a baseball. Jill Galyan came to the rescue, thank goodness. Caleb loved the cake because it was a ball. And darling Caleb loves balls.

How do you watch T.V.?

March 19, 2008

Caleb loves the American flag. He likes to carry it with him to the store or outside to play. He even likes to hold it while he watches a movie. How patriotic!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lunch on St. Patrick's Day with Patrick

March 17, 2008

Alison and I took took the boys to see Cory at work and then out to lunch. We went to Sequoia Sand which Shop. While Alison and I ordered lunch Cory watched to boys outside. He taught the boys a new trick: pull the weeds and grass from out of the cracks of the cement. Patrick played along but Caleb really got into it. Patrick eventually lost interest, but Caleb stayed focused and completed the task. Then Caleb stood up in search of a new crack from which he could pull weeds and grass. He's a lot like Cory, who finds such satisfaction in removing the fuzz balls from a sweater. Cory is definitely a detail man. And I guess so is Caleb.

A night out with Noni and Nono

March 15, 2008

Tonight we did two very exciting things. First we went to Ashley's furniture store and "looked" and made a wish list. The best part was that Cory walked around the store with Caleb and I walked around the store with just me. I sat in chairs and on sofas and touched the kitchen tables and different textures, all by myself. It was amazing. I often thought to myself, "If I had a 'free day' what would I do?" Well, I've decided that I would go out window shopping by myself. What a precious commodity it is to just go out to a store by my little lonesome.
The second thing we did was to go to Dewar's with Noni and Nono and eat ice cream. Cory and I always order the George's Special. It's our favorite thing. Caleb also found out that a George's Special is also HIS favorite thing. Poor Dad, he hardly had any of his. My Dad ordered a banana split and savored every bite. Mom had a black and white (something she hadn't had since childhood). Needless to say, it was a late night but also a wonderful night. I'm so glad we went.