Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stairs are Fun

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweet Afton - a smidge

Outside Bussiness

 Hannah in the Pond with the surfboard that came with the house...
 Caleb and friend Carsten watching Hannah in the Pond with the surfboard that came with the house...
 Hannah in the squishy, wet water.
 We are now making our very own Ark of the Covenant.  Complete with the Ten Commandements and the Staff of Moses.
Cory bought gold spray paint, attached 4 rings made out of cut painting rollers to the side of the box with gorilla glue (which the boys are holding in place in this picture)and we have yet to design the Angels that will go on the top.  Any Ideas?
 I LOVE this baby!
 And Hannah loves Chocolate pudding! 
She is a pretty funny girl! Maybe even a little Broadway girl in the making!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crayon Hearts are magical

 I found these little cuties on the Martha Stewart site. They were easy to make, but I ruined my ironing board cover because I didn't put a towel underneath the wax paper and the melted crayons spilled out of the wax paper onto it.  I didn't think that Cory would appreciate smeared crayon on his church or work shirts so I threw the cover away. 

Hannah and I put Afton in a baby stroller.  She loved it and stayed in there for 20 minutes. Hannah loved it because she felt like a Mommy. 
We read about the Ark and the Covenant on Sunday and afterward Caleb used the descriptions from the Bible Dictionary  to draw a picture of it.  Caleb loves to draw and it turned out awesome. 
We went to Bakersfield on Monday and left Wednesday.  Cory was far away in Santa Barbara for a business training and the thought of being at home without him for three days didn't sound very fun.  We stayed at my Mom's.   Went to University park., then afterward drove to Cory's nearby childhood house.
I explained to them that this was the house their Daddy grew up in when he was a little boy. They were floored.   I remember as a child trying to imagine my Mom as a child and it was hard.  I could look at pictures and listen to her tell stories but it was still hard to think of her as small or my age.   Caleb and Hannah had a hard time thinking of their Dad as anything other than their Dad too.  Still they liked  seeing the house and I could see their minds working to grasp the concept.  the next day we went to the Beale  Library for reading time.  It was fun.  The Librarian was a gifted storyteller.  Caleb and Hannah were either laughing or completely mesmerised by the stories.

I went to the Caleb and Hannah Beauty Shop this week.  Caleb took a few pictures of the process.
Here's the finished product.  It's called, "Flower Garden." 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Continue in Patience