Thursday, February 10, 2011

Out with the Old in with the New

Feb. 10, 2011

I found these cute cups (the white flower ones) last week at Target and finally bought them this week. They are replacing the lime green polka dot cups I also bought at Target (almost 9 years ago) when Cory and I were married only a few weeks. I'm sad to see them go but it's time. There are only 3 short ones and 2 tall ones left. Goodbye Lime Green Polka Dot were always there for us.

The difference between night and day

Feb. 10, 2011

Caleb had his first dose of Amoxicillin last night at dinner and then crashed, totally exhausted from our long day yesterday, (I didn't even mention the Prescription adventure... and I won't). This morning he was so much better. He had energy not only eat his meals at the table but even tease Hannah and play with her. He is a completely different boy today.

We went to Connie's and enjoyed the sunshine with a few instruments.

Later Alison brought came over to pick some yarn to tie a darling blanket she made for her friend Kate's baby shower this weekend. I wanted to get a picture of Caleb and Patrick smiling. Patrick cooperated but Caleb just wouldn't smile. "Smile, Caleb" I coaxed. After 3 try's I snapped the picture before Patrick's cheeks fell off. Elena had the cutest hair style and the best part was Alison did hers to match (the braid minus the pigtails...although Alison probably could have pulled those off too).

To the Pedia Center we go

Feb. 9, 2011

Last night I kept thinking that something just wasn't right with Caleb. He lays on the couch all day long. He falls asleep then wakes up and falls asleep again. I knew I had to take him to his DR. in the morning. I called his office but they said they had an opening on Friday. No way!
The Pedia Center(9900 Stockdale Hwy. Ste 105 - if your'e in a bind and you need your kid seen by a DR. {and you don't want to go to wait in the ER/Urgent Care] this is the place to go) opens at 1pm.
My Mom watched Hannah while we went and after a little wait and another nap for Caleb we got in and saw a DR. She said he had a double ear infection and gave us a Prescription for Amoxicillin. Yea! No bronchitis! No pneumonia! I was relieved and grateful we had an answer and (soon) remedy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Haircut, Library, and Tissue Rosettes

Feb. 8, 2011

Caleb got a haircut this morning and it was such a good one that I took a picture of it so I could bring it with me next time, and say, "Just like this please." Hannah likes when Caleb gets his haircut because for 20 - 30 minutes she has an non-distracted Mommy to play with.
With a new haircut and a quick trip to Country Club Liquors for some Cheetos, we were ready to check out books at the Library. This month I'm learning about the Human Body. I'm getting a late start of course and this is the shortest month of the year. But February is going to come and go whether I learn anything or not. So I might as well put these last 3 weeks to good use. After the Library and a Target trip we went to Grandma's for some fun. Grandma took the kids out in the Sunshine and then we watched Snow White and had some popcorn.
Last night I found two blogs that are Fantastic Clean Mama and The Idea Room. The first blog, Clean Mama, is all about organizing your home, staying on top of cleaning (and even going beyond the basics), paying bills on time and budgeting and meal planning. Basically a "how to" run your home like a well oiled machine. The second, The Idea Room, is basically fun ideas to make your house a home.
I found a fun craft on the blog called Tissue Rosette Kissing Ball here and tried to make one myself. This is one thing where it takes practice to look like hers does. I did notice that the rosettes I made in the end were better than the first. Check out these blogs if you have time :)

Painting in the Kitchen

Feb. 7, 2011

Caleb and Hannah wanted to paint today. I Immediately thought, "Oh NO! The carpet!" I pictured a huge wet splatter of red and yellow paint and my face as I tried to figure out how I was going to clean it. Luckily the lenolium in the kitchen wasn't out of view so I set up the kids with paint, brushes, coloring pages and water in the kitchen... Problem solved. Go on red and yellow paint, Do your worst!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"X" week

Feb. 7 - Feb. 11, 2011

Here's what were doing this week for the letter "X."
Tuesday: Animals - Archaeopteryx (prehistoric bird) and Fox
Thursday: Social Studies - learn about Texas
Friday: Activity/Craft - Field trip to look at Boxcars
Poem: Extra Special X (Katrina Lybebert)
Composer: Listen to Saxophone music
Bible Story: Example of Jesus Christ

The Crawford's came!

Feb. 6, 2011

When Cory and I were living in HI we met Donny and Michelle. They had just gotten married 3 days before they moved to HI and we lived in a huge house with them and several other single adults. Eventually we all moved into TVA (Temple View Apartments - this means the Apartment complex we moved to was right next to the Temple and you could see it from your front door). Michelle and I became even closer as we hung out every day after work watching Oprah or talking while our husbands studies in the BYUH Library. And on weekends we watched movies and hung out. After two years we were best friends but Donny was done with school and they moved back to San Jose where they were from we stayed for another 6 months until Cory graduated in Dec. 2005. Since then we have gotten together every year and done something.
Today they stopped by Connie's on their way home from a family vacation. It was a quick visit but it was so good to be around the people we love so much. Plans are in the works for a longer visit like camping or ....

p.s. I was released from Primary today. I was really sad to leave. I love those kids. I love looking in their faces every Sunday and telling them about the Gospel and that I love them. I will miss them but I know the next Primary President and Presidency will do a great job! ;-)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love Birds and Hearts

Feb. 5, 2011

In the BHG magazine this month I saw a darling Valentine decoration that I just had to make. I looked simple enough so I went for it. I bought some fabric at Walmart ( and enough left over to make a twirly skirt for my Twirly girl Hannah). If I could make a suggestion to anyone that might want to make this too it would be to use paper instead of fabric. There is so much cute scrap booking paper out there and for every occasion and taste that you are bound to find some that is just right for you. The reason I recommend paper over fabric is that it is easier to cut out small birds and hearts and it won't fray.

I've got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Feb. 4, 2011

Caleb is sick. He woke up with a fever this morning and laid on the couch all day. While he slept Hannah and I planted some flowers for the back balcony.
I love flowers and plants and all things green, (well, not poison ivy)

Pizza and a movie night was just Me and Hannah. I carried Caleb into his bed around 5pm and Hannah and I just hung out together watched the Princess and the Frog and waited for Cory to come home. He called me around 6:30pm to say he was leaving in about 30 minutes so I read to Hannah 3 different books of The little Mermaid
sang a few songs and put her to bed. It was nice just spending time with her. I held her on my lap until she was done with the movie and wanted to play (can you guess? yes...) The Little Mermaid. On a side note sometimes she calls out to Caleb, "Oh, Prince Eric Darling..." He usually says, "I'm not Prince Eric I'm a fireman!" But every once in a while he answers, "Yes?"

TV buddies

Feb. 3, 2011

While Amber and I exercised upstairs, Caleb and Roegan watched a movie together downstairs. Caleb had never seen the movie before so he constantly asked Roegan questions about who was who and why were they doing what they were doing. I never once heard Roegan get frustrated with him. Instead he answered every question Caleb asked. What good friends!

"W" week

Jan. 31 - Feb. 4, 2011

Here's what were learning this week for the letter "W."
Tuesday: Animals - Grey Wolf and Woodpecker
Thursday: Social Studies - Map of the World
Friday: Water Paint (but we're probably going to make a Valentine Craft instead)
Poem: Wee Willy Winkie (Nursery Rhyme)
Composer: Sir William Walter
Bible Story: Jesus Walking on Water (I stopped doing this a few months ago because I felt like I needed to make "preschool" a little shorter. I tried it again this week and the kids really enjoyed it, so... Bible Story is back in)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunday too

Jan. 31, 2011

We enjoyed Stake conference this morning and each other this afternoon. Ben let the kids play on him while Cory, Alison, Sara and I played a scrabble type of game called SLAM.

After our game we cleared the table and decorated cupcakes. And then a few of us decorated ourselves. I don't have a picture of the art my self but I think Connie or Alison will post something soon.
Then we went into the music room and played charades for kids game. Sara is acting out one of the clues above and Hannah is Twirling.

Saturday Fun

Jan. 30, 2011

Cory and Caleb went out with the Boy Scouts this morning to collect canned food. Well, actually Caleb played at the Pitts house for 2 hours while Cory walked around City in the Hills with the Boy Scouts collecting food.
When Cory and Caleb got home, we ate a quick lunch and then Caleb and I went to see Tangled with all the Randall Fam. Cory stayed home with Hannah because she was coughing and needed a nap more than she needed to see the movie, (It was good by the way).

After the movie Jesus took Patrick and Elena home for a nap and Ben took Caleb to our house while the girls went to Super Top Nails (by the Red Pepper) and had a Pedicure. It was great to just sit there for a while and watch a really great movie... just kidding it was the silliest SyFy movie ever about a prehistoric Shark and Octopus that could jump out of the sky and destroy an airplane. In the end I think the "Scientists" decided to bring the two arch enemies together to fight it out among themselves. Although our nails were dry and we missed the final scene.

Playing Nice

Jan. 27, 2011

Caleb and Hannah played together so nicely this afternoon. Hannah played with Aunt Sara and Aunt Alison's childhood Barbie and Ken dolls and Caleb played with Cory's Lego boats from his childhood. It was really nice to not hear any screaming and hear giggles and playful banter instead.