Monday, August 22, 2011

Farmer's Market - Ventura

I look forward to going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. We always buy: Kettle Corn and eat it as we wander up and down the aisles, Strawberries, big, fat juicy red ones, and I always love to smell the beautiful cut and potted flowers. We usually stay less than an hour and it's always the same stuff... but I never get bored!

My Mom told us about a nearby water park/swimming pool that she had gone to to swim laps. She said that the kids would love it and "love" turned out to be an understatement. After My Mom and Dad swam a few laps they joined us in the kiddie area and played with Hannah until she was just too tired to swim.
My Mom and I went down the water slides a few times together. She always let me go first which was good because how else would I have captured this great photo of her? She laughed and yelled every time she went down.
Once Caleb discovered the joy instead of the fear of the water slide he couldn't stay off.
We went to a neat Park on the Beach in the morning. It had a cool pirate ship (on the sand) with a zip line. We did that a few times...
Then we headed over to the water and even though it was over cast Caleb played with a group of kids who were on their last field trip for Summer Camp. Having all the other kids there made it really fun for Caleb. He ran and screamed with them and Cory caught sand crabs for anyone who asked.

My Dad took us to a local surf spot he knew and took Caleb out for a few rides.
Here he is walking in...
Cory used my Dad's "other" boards and took Hannah out on her first, but not last ride.
The ride isn't over until its over!
Me sitting with two tired but very happy kids.

To t he Beach before School starts

My Dad grew up at the Beach. He loves collecting shells and knows a lot about the Ocean in general. One of his talents is what he does with all of the beautiful and unique shells and rocks he collects. He and my Mom make interesting pieces of art with them and hang them in the Condo they have in Ventura. My favorite is the one they recently made together. They glued the shells in groups (if they were small) or just one of each. Then they glued a small piece of flat drift wood beneath it and then hand wrote each shells name on one piece of drift wood. They identified 30 different shells or sea "things." It is really amazing.
My Mom and Dad thought Hannah and Caleb would like to make "art" of their own. They went one of the many awesome, and fabulous 2nd hand stores bought two frames and let the kids go to town. Caleb was meticulous. He carefully and thoughtfully placed each shell or piece sea glass in it's proper place. Hannah only put 10 items on hers compared to Caleb's 40 -50 and was done. I guess she's a "less is more" kind of girl. When we got home I spray painted the black frames silver and then put them in their bathroom upstairs.
We went to the Tourist office and talked to two really nice people and got a map and some suggestions of where to go and what to see. We have been to Ventura for several years and never done this. I'm glad we did because we saw and learned things that we never knew or saw before.
We couldn't wait to get our feet in the sand so after we had breakfast we went straight to the Beach.
Sometimes Ice Cream just sounds really good. We thought so our first night there and headed over to Ben and Jerry's for something decadent.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A month in pictures (words too)

None of the members of the Bishopric were in town to speak at Girls Camp this year so Cory was asked to go. He was really excited. We made it a little vacation and spent the night up at Girls Camp. Cory spoke to the girls while the kids and I explored the "world" up there. It was beautiful. The kids were so SO happy.

We went for a little walk...
Had a little food
Went on another walk and had a fantastic time.

Hannah likes to exercise with Mama.
We invited Caleb's friend Ryan over for the afternoon to play. He is a very sweet little boy. It was also nice for Caleb to have a "guy" to play with.
Grandma, Alison and her kids came over for the day. Cory came home for lunch so he could see his family.
And the kids just played and played. It was the perfect day.

We have ditched the dryer and hung two lines in the back yard to dry our clothes.
Caleb is really good at hanging the clothes.
After Caleb's monthly haircut we walk next door and have ice cream at the local mom and pop family business. So far we have had chocolate/peanut swirl, cookies and cream, chocolate and strawberry. Yum!
We made it for Ane Hansen's 3rd birthday party in Bakersfield. Hannah picked out the backpack for her. If she likes it even half as much as Hannah did we will be stoked.
After the party ended at Ane's the kids and I went to my Mom's house to spend the day with Hillari. She was home for a quick visit and I was really excited to see her.