Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just me and Hannah

October 2, 2008

While Caleb was asleep this afternoon Hannah and I had some "girl" time just the two of us. We watched my new favorite movie Bella, and then I just watched her for a little while. She is so beautiful to me.

Slam Dunk

Sept. 29, 2008

Tonight Cory got out the basketball net and matching ball. Caleb didn't want to play with the purple and silver ball. He wanted to play with the tiny red ball. Cory and Caleb played together until it was time to get in the bath tub. Cory is such an amazing Dad. He is never too busy for Caleb, never too tired or too anything. He is always and first Caleb's DAD.


Sept. 27, 2008

Caleb's hair is pretty long and curly right now. He's due for a haircut, like yesterday. In the mean time it is the perfect length for a bath time Mohawk.

A walk with Nini

Sept. 26, 2008

This morning, even though it was hot, NiNi took Caleb out for a walk through the field by our house. NiNi found a stick and shook the plants in front of her to make sure there weren't any snakes (Yikes). Caleb had a great time out with his fun adventurous NiNi.

At the race tracks

Sept. 25, 2008

Caleb loves his hot wheels. We went over to the Delgado's and Caleb fell in love with the Hotwheel cars. So slowly we have been building our own collection of cars. Caleb wants to play with them all day long and then sleep with them during nap time and bedtime.


Sept. 24, 2008

After the Spa treatment, Hannah was awake and refreshed. I hoped this would be a great time to take pictures, and it was. She was very cooperative. She is one week old today!

A Day at the Spa

Sept. 24, 2008

Hannah had some goop in her eyes this morning and my Mom suggested that we warm up a wash cloth and out it on her eyes for a few minutes. Well, Hannah loved it. When we put it on her eyes she relaxed and stayed perfectly still as if she were at the spa. I thought the wash cloth and the words on the onzie said it all... "I deserve to be pampered."