Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer is here

 Afton is a joy to have.  She is loving and happy and darling and ....
 pretty darn cute!

 Hannah getting on the swing
 In the tub.  It's almost too small
 Caleb enjoys being in the backyard and making up stories. 
 3 Saturdays ago, while Cory and I were working in the front yard together, we heard Oreo (our cat) get hit by a car.  His back end was hit but he was able to run to our grass.  We ran to him and sat beside him stroking his fur and watched him suffer.  Cory and I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to please take him quickly.  He did.  Oreo died in our front yard.  After a few minutes we called the children to us and told them the terrible news.  They sobbed and sobbed.  We buried him under a eucalyptus tree.  We spoke about Heaven and how there is no sadness there and no pain there.  The children were glad to be reminded of this.  Even still I think about Oreo from time to time.  He was a wonderful and special cat.  We are glad we had him for a time.  
The following Saturday Hannah and I went out and adopted a cat.  She is all black (pictured above) and after almost a week of being nameless she will now and forever be known as Kasha,
If we loved a cat this much and hope to have him with us after we die, how much more will we mourn the loss and hope for the presence of our children, parents, spouses, siblings and friends in Heaven.  I want all of them with me and I want to be with all of them.
 Slip and Slide (with soap of course)

Luke teaching Caleb multiplication.