Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm so crazy about you...

 I have never seen a gray ladybug before have you? 
 Just look at Caleb's face!  He is really excited about his friend Luke being swung up in the air.  This is Caleb!  He is just Happy for you when you are happy.  And he is also aware of when you are not.  Today Caleb came up to me, started rubbing my back and said,
 "You're having a hard day aren't you Mom?"  And I was. 
 Here he is getting his turn...
 This is Hannah watching Caleb having fun with the Scouts.  This is also just minutes before she realized that she isn't going with Dad and Caleb to the camp out.  She cried for 20 minutes.
 Hannah wanted to make a little special table setting for her bunnies.  She and Caleb turned it into a restaurant.  He served her cut apples, bananas and then gave her the bill... $150.00. (they must have been grown on the moon).
 In the backyard on Saturday.  Hannah wearing one of her two favorite shirts...Christmas and the other?  Halloween of course!
 Caleb giving a tough face.
 The kids ran off to play and Afton and I laid together on a blanket I made for Cory when were dating.  It's really amazing to think about that.  Who knew that 13 years ago while I was in Beverly's deciding what color and pattern to choose the finished blanket would later be used to warm or keep the itchy grass off all 3 of our future children.
 Hannah is my free spirit.  She also knows exactly what she likes and it usually involves a lot of color.
 The Santa Rosa plum tree getting ready for summer and driving the bees into a frenzy
Oh sweet cheeks.