Monday, December 20, 2010

Rain rhymes with Train

Dec. 20, 2010

When has it ever rained so much in Bakersfield?
It has been raining for almost a week with out stopping. All this rain and cloudy weather has made me feel like not doing much. Around mid morning I told the kids we were walking down to the garage to get a few things and also mail a few letters. At first they were reluctant but then they felt the rain on their faces and were okay to be outside. Caleb and Hannah are homebodies for sure, which is the opposite of me. I want to be outside and doing something while they are quite content to be inside with their imagination.
I have a snowmen collection that I try and add to every year. Every year I put all the snow men in my window on top of fake snow and twinkle lights. The kids really like to be up the counter top and playing with the snowmen.

My Mom came by and built a long track for Caleb. I'm sure glad I vacuumed this morning before the track went down.