Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One fine Day

Dec. 5, 2010

This morning Cory got out his guitar and Christmas song book. He laid out a blanket and began to play a few Christmas songs for us we were busy with the morning. I made pancakes) A Saturday tradition) while Caleb and Hannah played together. Hannah came over to Cory and picked up a pic to play too. So Hannah strummed and Cory fingered the chords to, "Silent Night." We made it over to Connie and Jerry's to visit with Sara. She's only here for one more night before she and Connie head back to Utah. Sara and I watched P.S. I Love you and made Brownies with Peppermint chips while Cory and Caleb washed the car. p.s. don't worry, Hannah was taking a nap, we didn't forget her at home.