Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boy Scouts and Boxes

June 13, 2011

My Mom loves to go thrift shopping. She loves discovering treasures and bringing them home for all us to enjoy. This time she brought home an awesome Cub Scout shirt fully decorated. The troop patch was from Salt Lake and even has a Faith in God medal pinned to the front. Whoever this shirt belonged to worked very hard to earn all of the patches and pins. Caleb found the missing Wieblo patch in the breast pocket. What a great find!
Cory's boss got new office furnitiure as part of the remodel project that is under way. Cory asked the delivery guys if they would have time to drop off the boxes at our house on the way back into town. They said, "No problem." After the boxes were delivered I cut out doors and windows and the kids used crayons to make them their own.

We had one extra box so we brought it inside and the kids rocked back and forth in it until it fell apart. Okay... what are we going to do tomorrow?