Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moving... and all that stuff

March 29, 2011

I am going to take a friend's advice (Miss J. Amaryllis) and Blog even though my camera is out of service.

We moved! That's big news.

The house is Mint Ice cream green with white trim and has a lot of character. It is on 10 acres and comes complete with a pond, barn, citrus trees for the winter and fruit trees for the summer. It also comes with a phantom cat named "Red" that eats all of the food we put out for it but we've never actually seen. The kids are happier, I'm happier and Cory is only 10 minutes from work! The house is twice as big as our previous place and the property is 100% bigger (considering we had no yard before). Every day last week and so far this week we have been outside picking oranges and tangerines for eating and twice lemons for making lemonade. I heard a commercial on the radio today that was advertising Oranges for $.42 a pound. I thought to myself how lucky we are to have them growing for free in our own backyard.

Connie, Alison and her kids drove up today and I realized how much I missed them. When I saw Connie for the first time in almost 2 weeks I hugged her and didn't want to let her go. I'm glad they like our place as much they do... they're sure to visit more often. The plan is I drive down once a week every other week and Connie drive down once a week the opposite weeks. That sounds possible...

We miss all of our friends in Bakersfield so much. Please know that we love you and will treasure the friendships we've made there forever.

Love, The Randalls!


Jocelyn said...

You make me laugh!! Be careful about feedind a "cat" in the country. You may be feeding other night time critters you might not want!! :) I think your plan is brilliant!