Monday, March 7, 2011

It has begun...

March 7, 2011

It's "Z" week for Preschool Here's what were up to...
Monday: Animals - Zooplankton and Zebra
Wednesday: Social Science - Zambia (Africa)
Friday: Art/Craft - Make a Zebra by printing out a white horse and putting black yarn on it.
Scripture: "Zion heard, and was glad" Psalm 97:8
Bible Story: Zachariah (Father of John the Baptist)
Music: Concert Zither

My Mom came over this morning and the packing has begun. I am trying to be as organized as possible. I have put neon labels on top all of the boxes telling what room each goes in and then below listing it's contents. Next week (after we get the key on the 15th) my Mom and I are going up to the house to walk through it and put up signs labeling each of the rooms and then also make a layout for each room. Like where the bed, dressers and couch go. Then we will tape it to the door of each room. I'm doing this because I am trying to make "moving day" less stressful. When I thought about the 19th I imagined 20 different people coming up to asking me, "Where does this go?" and then after 30 minutes I saw myself in the laundry room hiding or crying or both. Yikes! Hence the "plan."


Jocelyn said...

We are very sad to see you go but I am excited for your adventure! You will be a dream to move with all your prep!!