Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Temple Trip

Dec. 5, 2008

We headed to the LA Temple today to spend the day and take advantage of what we could. Caleb loves to be at the Temple. He especially loves "Morounee" (as he calls it). We asked some youth that were there to take a few family pictures of us and everyone was looking at the camera with eyes opened (a miracle in itself). Whenever I come to the Temple I love it. I never want it to end. But the further away I get from it physically I start to forget the special feelings I had and the desire to go more often. Having kids make a Temple trip more difficult but not impossible.

Vicki La Vacca

Dec. 3rd, 2008

When Caleb was a baby he loved this little black and white cow so much that it's in quite a few pictures. One in particular is just like this one of Hannah only his face is like, "Wow, WOW. It's my favorite thing in the world!" Hannah didn't quite share his same interest.

Gross, I know

Nov.29th 2008

I know this is gross but it's also cute too, (only a Mother would say this). This was her first official "blow out" and I think because it was so bad it will be her last too. Look at that cute face. How could I be angry at her?

Sweet Caleb

Nov. 28th 2008

Caleb came in this morning to wake up Hannah and was very tender and sweet with her. I captured one of the precious moments but there were many more. Hannah loves to be swaddled, and the tighter the better. We went to Grandma's and hung out long enough for Caleb to get ready for bed; PJ's, milk and lovey. BUt the evening was not yet complete until he tried Grandma's vibrating chair. He thought it was so funny. So funny that he eventually fell asleep in it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Nov. 24, 2008

We spent Thanksgiving with the Randall's this year. All year I look forward to the big feast. I love the cranberry sauce, the sweet potatoes and... okay I love everything. Connie had some fun activities planned for the kids to keep them entertained while we enjoyed our turkey dinner. Cory and I like to talk about what we are thankful for and this year I remember just feeling thankful for him. He is a wonderful man. He is wonderful.

The right set up

Nov. 21, 2008

This morning I woke up earlier than usually to find Cory reading. I thought to myself this looks like the ideal set up, he's got everything covered.

Happy Birthday Alison

Happy B-day Alison!

Tonight we found out just how popular Alison really is. She got a huge homemade cupcake delivered and a Marie Calender pie. Boy she must be someone really special... well she is. I love Alison. I have known her for nearly 8 years and I love her more today than the first day we met. She is fun and charismatic. And one of her best quality is that she doesn't judge. You could tell her the worst thing about yourself and she'd probably say, "okay, that's bad but let's figure it out. It's not the end of the world."
Hannah is almost two months and even sweeter.

Caleb loves to share

Nov. 8th 2008

The items you see around Hannah were carefully placed by Caleb today. The batman car was Cory's when he was young so was the Ninja turtle motorcycle. The bus was given to him by his Uncle Bill and the red fire truck by Grandma Connie. The box on her chest? Well this held a fresh water pearl necklace given to me by my Noni.