Friday, March 14, 2008

Helpful Dad

March 14, 2008

Today my Mom came over again only this time she brought my Dad, and my Dad brought a box.  In the box were tools to hang up these curtains.  My Dad taught me how to properly hang up curtains.  I really love spending time with him.  He is a really good teacher.  Don't you just love Dad's?  Dad's are the BEST too!

Down and Dirty

March 12, 2008

Not only was a beautiful day it was a very productive day.  I love it when my mom comes over because she helps me get so much done.  Today we borrowed a hose from my neighbor and washed off the balcony.  The worst part of the balcony was the ceiling.  It had an amazing amount of spiderwebs all over.  They should have been on a haunted house they were so bad.  Well I put on my bathing suit and a pair of Cory's swim trunks and went to work.  After the balcony was cleaned off we squirted down all the windows and screens.  Since we are on the top floor the windows were really bad and in desperate need of cleaning attention.  Afterward we hung up pictures above the bed and then my mom unveiled the beautiful wreath she had  made for our home.  I was so happy.  Isn't it beautiful?  My mom is very talented.    Moms' are the BEST!

Beautiful Day

March 12, 2008

Look at this beautiful sky.  This is the view just off our balcony today.  You can see the mountains and the hills below are green, the sky is actually blue and is filled with clouds.  I love this time of year!  

Using a Fork

March 12, 2008

Today I decided to give Caleb a fork to use for the first time.  He handled it like a pro.  That's my boy!

With the Family

March 7, 2008

Today the boys enjoyed a peaceful snack together in a chair.  We got a call from Grandma asking us to meet her and Grandpa for dinner at Woody's , (we could bring our husbands if they promised to be good).  Grandma came over to Alison's and we all crammed into Alison's Rav-4.  Good thing Grandma is tiny!  We had a wonderful time at dinner.  The last time we all ate together at a Restaurant was last November.  It was just so nice to be together.

Daddy brings home a toy

March 5, 2008

This morning Cory and Caleb sat on the couch and played with a new toy.  It is a squishy spider that when you squeeze it these huge bright pink bubbles ooze out of the center.  At first Caleb thought it was really weird but then he was fascinated.  Later today we went over to Alison's to show the spider to Patrick.  Patrick was terrified.  He didn't even want to look at.  I rolled it over to him without him knowing,  when he saw it he screamed and ran away.  It was really funny... I did it two more times.

Play Date with Jill and the girls

Feb. 29, 2008

Leap Year day!

Today Alison and I took the boys to Jill's house and had a great time.  We spent the morning outside watching our kids play together and they all played really well.  Gracie and Lucy are really good girls (way to go Mom). Afterward we decided to have lunch at Sonic.  We thought that it would be cheap, but it wasn't.  I don't think we'll go there again.  Sonic did have a good sized playground that included a huge slide.  Caleb loves slides  but I didn't think he would be daring enough to go all the way to the top, which was like 2 stories up.  Well he was. We went down  together the first time and at the bottom I realized that there was a huge drop, at least 3 1/2 feet.  The second time Caleb and I were going to down together again, but he had a different plan.  He went down the slide all by himself.  I dashed down the slide trying my best to catch up, all the way worrying that he was going to fall off at the bottom.  But he didn't.  He managed to stop right before the edge.  Thank goodness!
After lunch we put the boys on the mechanical cars.  They loved it.  Too bad we ran out of quarters.

An Adventure

Feb. 28, 2008

This morning Alison and I took the boys outside for a little exploring around our complex.  To the East of our condo there is a big field full of rocks, dirt, sticks and all the other things little boys love.  Patrick was really happy to be outside with Caleb.  He ran to keep up with Caleb's longer legs.  After they ran a lap around the field they went to the lake and watched the ducks swim.  Caleb's favorite thing to do out in the field is to play with the family of little blue flags.  I have no idea what they are for or if they, at one time, marked something important, but Caleb loves to pull them out of the ground and then push them back in, but in a new spot a few feet away.  After the flags the boys enjoyed a slide in front of our neighbors house.  What a fun day!


Feb. 27, 2008

Alison and I took our boys to CALM today and just enjoyed the sunshine and the animals.  The boys really love the reptile house.  Alison doesn't.  She especially doesn't like the tarantula area.  After the reptile house o fun we went to the petting zoo.  Caleb wasn't too sure about the petting zoo. He hung close to Aunt Alison while I took pictures and Patrick poked one of the goats in the eye.  

Monday, March 10, 2008

The new baby

Feb. 25, 2008

Since I can't get the video to work I decided to take a picture of the video (brilliant). When we were at the appointment Dr. Walker (our cute Dr. that is a little thing and so funny) said how great baby looked and has all it's limbs. Any way the first thing Cory noticed on the screen was baby's little foot, well it's little in size but compared to the body it seems pretty big. Cory said, "wow, it's a Shaquelle O'Neal foot." Dr. Walker laughed. We saw baby move it's little legs and arms and at one point it looked like baby blew us a kiss, "Hey Mom and Dad!" The heart rate is 158 which is good and strong. I'm in love with this baby already.